The beauty
of a vision"

-Jay Lyn Gatz


New Album Listening Party in Chicago COMING SOON!!!

What's up everybody! My next musical project is  COMPLETE! An 11-track Hip-Hop classic. After 4 years of living in California and Michigan, I have returned to crib, Chicago, where I'm hosting a listening party for my project! It's only right.  My goal is to take it to other cities as well, but I need your help to make that possible. 

My album's creative process has come to a close and people NEED to hear what I've come up with. I've had a lot to say in the years it took to craft it. Help me get it to a wider audience. Any contribution helps. 

Thank you for your contribution! 

It means the world to be able to bring my visions to life and you make it possible.

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